FBS Grand Event Kuala Lumpur

Traditionally, the party has started in the lobby where we have prepared a lot of fun activities to entertain our guests during the registration. First guests of the evening registered and entered their names for the Lucky Draw with 14 exclusive high-tech gadgets.

The team of photographers and videographers captured the most precious moments we are sharing with you in this letter. To make this evening even more remarkable, we invited an artist who draw funny sketches of the guests.

The show itself was an absolute hit! Famous diva and dance star of Malaysia Stacy has started the show. “Mark and Pinky” were so creative that everyone was on the tips of their seats with amazement. The crowd loved the impersonator, Asian Michael Jackson for his great dance performance. Douglas Lim rocked the ballroom with hilarious stand-up comedy. The long-awaited star Faizal Tahir closed the show with his most famous and popular songs. It was a wonderful live performance, everyone sang along and took pictures with the celebrity.

FBS CEO welcomed everyone at the Grand Event with a speech in Malay and presented 14 lucky guests with luxury gifts - latest iPhones, Galaxies, iPads, MacBook and the super prize - iMac. During the event, FBS partners and traders were discussing the seminars, local exchange services, trading academies, promo campaigns, expert advisers and more! We even had a pleasant speech from a partner from Egypt.

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